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February 20, 2013


edit 02/26/13: D2FC is still on. Make sure your groups are protected. Another group has been hacked, and one hacker has been revealed, although he deactivated his account.

:iconbrony-security: Brony-Security For all your Brony Security needs!


Join requests will not be accepted until the situation is over. Please send an invitation to be a member, as we'll not accept it until this whole D2FC thing is over. Thank you.

The original journal of OPERATION STAMPEDE is here:
I stand before you now and here as i stood up in the past
My friends ,bretheren and sisters the current Season of the cancerous infection that haunts the internet
The BronieŽs little show My little Pony:Friendship is over for the moment yes i can confirm the dire news that a fourth season is planned nevertheless. The Bronies are at their weakest right now , everyone that feels rightous hatred towards them and anyone thats doing it for the lulz Antis Trolls Haters now is the time to double your efford to go against the menace of Bronies
everything is appreciated
The D2FC now has its own Steamgroup
and as soon as i get the information iŽll create a Webpage for easier contact coordination and filesharing
for the sake of humanity the time has come to take up the fight and march , march to victory!
The success of operation: autism rains has shown we can win we can clean we can rise up and counter their tyranny
STAND UP not be

D2FC, standing for Deth to Furfags Coalition (wow they can't even spell death right), is an anti-brony group that hijacks My Little Pony groups because of bronies and how we are "furries" and "faggots."

Some of the people in the D2FC group are :iconpublicx: :iconandrejborg: :iconangrypogostick: and :iconandroidpony:.
Note that :iconandroidpony: is a spy. He pretends to be on the brony side making fun of D2FC but he really helps the group and hijacks groups.

ALL GROUPS must block all join requests, for the safety of your group and the MLP fandom. No matter if you're group only has a few members and is unknown, or the account that wants to join seems like a nice person.
Some of the D2FC team are banned from deviantART but some are still here, accounts unknown, hijacking MLP groups.

Groups that have been hijacked include :iconmlpfimunite::iconsweetie-belle-lovers::iconthebroniesrevolution::iconprincesspegasisters::iconfim-mlp::iconponies-with-guns:

Once they hack your group, they post a journal like this Devious Journal Entry
Please listen to this while reading!

Dear bronies of this group as you can see this group got hiijacked. Of course this is not a coincidence, apparently some bronies declared war on us. You may ask now what have this group done. The answer is nothing! The people which declared war against  doing a witchhunt and attacking innocent bystanders causing them to get banned! We the D2FC can't tolerate such a behavior. You may thanks these fellow witchhunters for the war declaration.
:iconmatteoNL97: :iconaNIGHTLYpony:

_____An eye for an eye____

>>>>>HEIL D2FC
, change the tagline to D2FC WAS HERE, and change the avatar to this :icond2fc:

Other journals with more information:
ATTENTION! MLP groups on high alert!Hello there,i want to make a very important journal here.
These 3 brony groups:
Have all been hacked by this person called :iconpublicX: Luckily he has been banned from DA but he still is active on Youtube. is the link. Do me all a favour and ban his YT account by scrolling down,then clicking on the button on the corner down left. Them kae sure you write a good story and use all of his hacking video's as evidence so that the staff can see he's a hacker.
Group owners. Please be aware of your group and ALWAYS check people before you give them such high ranks in your group. Be aware.
I also posted this on all of the groups:
Guys the person who hacked this and the 2 other groups called :iconpublicX: has been banned!
And i also reported his Youtube (Link here:
Attention to the Brony CommunityAs you know the user known as :iconpublicx: and :iconandrejborg: has been banned from here. But the war's not over. There's a group on here called :iconD2FC: and they will try to continue their crusade against the Brony Community.
To All Bronies and Pegasisters. We need to pull together and put a stop to this threat. The episodes of Season 3 including the season finale has made our community weak, dividing it up and they're seeing this as a chance to strike us while we're down. Their crusade could cause damage to everyone's freedom on the internet as it'll only give Congress bigger chances to make Internet-Surveillance laws that'll have negativity on everyone world wide. We're having problems with China already and this group is only gonna make it worse.  
I understand that all of us have mixed feelings about the show and it's purpose including Twilight Alicorn as well as most of us don't follow the same 'Love and Tolerance' rules as other bronies do. But this is different now, we
Beware a Hater/Hacker Group!My fellow members, friends, comrades
As you might have seen more and more groups are being attacked by the hater movement that is better Known as "D2FC" (Death 2 Failure Coalition). these guys didn't stop after the de-activation of their accounts and continue to Hijack groups! Me and a friend of mine are trying to stop them and we have De-activated 5 accounts of them already (Their Founder included!). These guys have gotten more serious than ever, they hacked 2 Groups (again) and even hacked a user's account! since this threat is getting so big this is a call to action, you can help! One group has been Liberated already and is the first of all to come but we cannot do this all on our own!
How can you help?:
1: Copy-paste this message to ALL brony groups you know! :
you might have noticed that an Organized hater movement called "D2FC" is infiltrating groups and hijacking them,they even managed to hack a user account!
Example of a struck group: http://thebroniesrevolution.
Hacker Alert:iconFriendshipIsMagicMLP: has sent out a hacker alert. If you want to see the whole journal, check it out here:
you might have noticed that an Organized hater movement called "D2FC" is infiltrating groups and hijacking them,they even managed to hack a user account!
Example of a struck group: [link] ,They can do this by becoming a CO-FOUNDER! For the sake of your group listen well! To prevent this from happening? :
-Block ALL incoming join requests untill the problem is resolved!
-Make sure the Auto-accept function of the join group request is turned off!
-Report ALL hater accounts that seem suspicious
-Change your Password and make it something hard (no words,no number combinations!)
-be aware of the fact that is a spy!
-Don't download ANY RAR. File a user sends you by a link, it's a keylogger!
-Share this message with other groups!
Stay strong! " the link =>

Thank you for reading.


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SwerveStar Featured By Owner Edited Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Should I be concerned if my groups aren't pony or furry related? I mean, I'm assuming I shouldn't, but still...

Regardless, this is a bunch of crap. Those worms are just a bunch of crying babies that can't stand that people are interested in something like MLP.
Toni-Technaclaw Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
Death to Furfags Huh? Soooo They should kill themselves? :iconlunashrugplz:
TheDarkPegasus Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
Android Pony was hacked, I was told by the D2FC themselves(I got in). The real android pony is now known as project zeta-pi, he is fine.
Brony2 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You guys should see this, they made a vid of THIS journal [link]
I'm gonna be sending some information to a youtube channel called the fine bros
see if they can spread the word
bubblehun Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013
Oh wow. These guys are so immature. Oh well, thanks for the info anyways. Should I do something about it? o_o
Brony2 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
idk, I'm sending some links to a Youtube channel where they do react videos and see what comes out of it
bubblehun Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013
But their Teens React to MLP was kinda.. uh... anti-ponies?
Brony2 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
the only reason I sent it to them was to get the word out
and technically it wasn't "anti-ponies" the opinion was about half and half
SpartanRamboDash Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013
Seriously, I think I remember on YouTube they call themselves Death 2 Failures Coalition.

They are pathetic if they think they can bring everything down, though.

Oh, wait. Ponies With Guns got hijacked?

D2FC, to me, you look like a bunch of vandals.
bubblehun Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
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